What is Modeus

Ron Foo

Rocky Lau

What is MODEUS?

​MODEUS is a modular construction system of basic units assembled in a manner, capable of creating designs in furniture, feature walls, lightings and accessories. It is conceptualised and invented by its founder Ron Foo and co-developed by his product design partner and co-inventor Rocky Lau with their companies based in Singapore. The invention comprised of basic components capable of forming various shapes and patterns with high structural stability and functionality. This product explores the endless functionality and creativity of having 'something' useful and fun with the option to dismantle and reassemble. The assembled Modular creations are both functional, robust and durable.

What is It Made of?

​MODEUS components are mainly made of Polycarbonate (PC) integrated with Flame Retardant properties. It is made to achieve high functionality/usability and structural stability, capable of withstanding high tension, compression, shear & torsion forces with V0 grade Flame Retardant properties

What is it Used for?

​Endless possibilities of creative combinations of designs as follows: table lamp to hanging lights to feature panels; tables, frames, holders, cabinets, display lighting panels, platforms. It is able to integrate with concealed wiring including power sockets and switches maintaining the original feature or furniture/ display. 

How MODEUS Got its Name?

​MODEUS was formed by extracting and recombining the words of MOdular DEsigned UnitS forming the name MODEUS.             


Intellectual Property Rights (IP) 


MODEUS is filed under pending patent PCT/ SG2017/050354, and its logo trademarked under IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore).

Its Contribution to the Environment

​Due to improper disposal, plastics or polymers can be harmful to the environment due to its difficulty to degrade and break down when discarded as waste. It is produced by the conversion of natural products or by the synthesis from primary chemicals generally coming from oil, natural gas, or coal. Although plastics are difficult to degrade, its resilience against degradation can be advantageous as a product of high re-usability.

​As such, Polycarbonate or PC being one of the more resilient polymer in terms of both strength and durability, can become an environmentally sustainable product if used effectively. As MODEUS has the ability to dismantle and reassemble repeatedly into new creations in terms of designs and functionality, it can even be passed onto many interested users over time. Hence, this contributes to less usage and wastage of natural products such as trees and other materials through discarding of unwanted furniture or related products. Basically, for every furniture or feature designs that can be reworked or reused, less disposal, burning and wastage of natural resources can be achieved.                                                                  


Its Contribution to Consumers

This product gives limitless creation and design something functional as lighting display, feature walls & furniture without going through a customised and non-reusable carpentry. Because of its dismantling and reusable function, it has its resale value. Consumers need not to dispose the original modular units as it can be added on to create something new or resale them to other interested users.  It is totally non-destructive, re-usable, strong and fun playing with where a family can gather and create interesting, functional and customised works without going through specialised suppliers for these creations.

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